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Loans & Finance

Managing your money means knowing when to borrow and buy and when to save and accumulate. Lawrence has been providing lending services for over 20 years, which means you receive a seamless service that brings your financial operations together in one place.

Finding the right finance product is about having your business or personal goals identified to ensure that borrowing is part of your strategy. Lawrence professionals are financial experts who listen first. Their breadth of knowledge means they are ideally placed to see the bigger picture and find a loan that meets your needs.

If you want straight forward financial solutions, then Lawrence specialists will suit you down to the ground. We streamline the process of dealing with the big banks, navigating through the red-tape and policies to make it easy and efficient for you. We’re nimble, flexible problem solvers who go the extra mile to help get your loan approved.

Lawrence Group

Finance Specialists Who Listen First

Lawrence financial services offer a spectrum of loans to suit your business and personal needs. The difference is our ability to connect the dots in your financial world.

Home & Investment

Your house is one of the most significant investments, so it makes sense that you’d turn to a trusted advisor to assist you. Whether this is your primary home or an investment portfolio, Lawrence has a finance product that will meet your needs.

Here’s what we help with:

Loans & Finance          First home buyers

Loans & Finance          Established home buyers

Loans & Finance          Owner builders

Loans & Finance          Tax planning & minimisation

Loans & Finance          Investors

Loans & Finance          Company Secretarial

Loans & Finance          Refinancing

Loans & Finance          Bridging loans

Business & Commercial

As Business Financial Specialists we understand your world and how important cash flow is to growing your business profitability. That’s why business owners turn to us when they need finance solutions, whether it is short-term funding to get from A to B, or ongoing funding for acquisitions, cash flow or capex. Lawrence is here to deal with all the banks so you don’t have to, allowing you more time to run your business.

Here’s how we help:

  • Commercial property loans
  • Project finance
  • Cashflow finance
  • Debt restructuring
  • Acquisition funding
  • Buying a business

Plant, Equipment and Motor Vehicle

When you need equipment fast, you need funding faster! As Business Financial Specialists we understand your world and how each decision impacts your profitability. That’s why business owners turn to us when they need a finance product that will get things moving from office fitouts to commercial kitchens, fleet vehicles and heavy plant Lawrence is here to make it quick and easy every step on the way.

Here's how we help:

Loans & Finance          Small business loans

Loans & Finance          Capital finance

Loans & Finance          Motor vehicle finance

Loans & Finance          Leasing arrangements

Loans & Finance          Plant & commercial finance

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What’s Different About Lawrence?

Lawrence Finance brokers are a rare breed, they’re financial professionals who seamlessly integrate with our financial planners and accountants. Why is this important? Because they need to understand your business and take a broad perspective when it comes to finance. There are tax implications, strategic considerations and risks to consider and the tunnel vision of regular brokers may limit your options. It does also help when your advisers are already personally familiar with your financial position and can provide fast solutions. At Lawrence, we see the bigger picture.

Here's how we work with you:

Loans & Finance, Loans & Finance Loans & Finance, Loans & Finance

Here’s what Brad had to say

Workplace Wellness Solutions have been with Lawrence for over 15 years and value the financial bird-eye-view they get with our integrated professionals

They never lose the personal touch

“Lawrence are friendly, professional, reliable and most importantly individualised to my needs. They are always available to take my calls and emails to provide advice when needed.

Whilst being big enough to provide all the taxation, accounting and financial requirements of our expanding business, they never lose the personal touch or forget the small things that matter.”

Brad Fisher, Managing Director

Is Your Borrowing and Buying Integrated into Your Business? Are you looking for a review of your existing home or investment mortgage? Enjoy Your Complimentary Consultation…

Our complimentary in-depth consultation is a risk-free way to see if we’re a good fit – after all it’s all about the relationship!

We pride ourselves on getting to know what makes you tick – we understand the value of getting the right finance solutions in place and want to make that easy and simple for you. Book your no-obligation risk free consultation and meet our expert team who are here to help you find the best option whatever your situation.

Who do we work with?

Entrepreneurs buying a business
Why? Because you want capital to fund your start-up and appreciate a tailored service from one place to save time and money.

Professionals who want to review their finances
Why? Because you want your finance products to work together and appreciate a holistic approach.

Smart business owners who are looking to grow
Why? Because you’re busy running a successful business and appreciate decisive action and timely advice.

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