Business Accounting

Business accounting has changed – and so have the people who deliver it!

Do you yawn at the thought of visiting your accountant? If you’re a busy business owner you probably look forward to it about as much as a visit to the in laws!

So, what’s changed?

Lawrence business accountants are leading the charge in this new era of accounting. Are you ready to join us? Today you can expect to partner with your business accountant, to problem solve, challenge the status quo and drive the results you want to see.

Doing business is all about the people, whether they’re your own employees or the professionals you look to for advice. You want to do business with the kind of people who understand you, are like you and are results driven.

And that’s us.

A Business Accountant You’ll Look Forward to Seeing!

There’s more to a good business accountant than crunching numbers, at Lawrence we don’t just know your financials, we help you apply the insights to make your business a success.

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Business Accounting Compliance & BAS

Traditionally you only had contact with your accountant as your BAS was due or at the end of each financial year. But although these are still essential services for all businesses their delivery has changed.

With advanced business accounting software your business financials can be managed remotely and more efficiently, which means your accountant can offer an increasingly personal service tailored to your needs throughout the year.

Here’s what we help with:

          Annual Financial Statements and Tax Returns

          Business Activity Statements (BAS)

          Company Annual Returns

          Tax planning & minimisation

          Compliance advice

          Company Secretarial

          Applying new technology for more efficiency

          Monthly or Quarterly Reporting

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Problem Solving

As traditional models of service evolve your business accountant takes a more ‘lean on me’ approach in your business world. Rather than the remote figure that looms once a quarter, your Lawrence accountant have a team of skilled professionals who are there to take your calls, answer your questions and trouble shoot on a day to day basis.

You can rely on us to assist you with:

  • Setting up a company
  • Asset Restructuring
  • Buying and selling businesses
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial problem solving
  • Profitability and streamlining
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Cashflow and Budgeting

You know how hard it is to keep your finger on the pulse of your cash flow and financial commitments. Your accountant is here to help make life easier for you when it comes to managing your money. Whether it’s implementing new technology, bookkeeping or forecasting, use the experts who are dedicated to making sure you have an ideal solution.

Here's how we help:

          Data mining and analysis

          Implementing new technology

          Making sure you understand the numbers

          Advice and education

          Budget and forecasting

          Cash Flow Statements

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What’s Different About Lawrence?

Lawrence believes in going above and beyond standard accounting and tax services. After all, you want an accountant who can see the bigger picture, think outside the box and find opportunities that you’re missing.

Here's how we work with you:

how we work at lawrencegroup how we work at lawrencegroup

Here's how Michael puts it

At Lawrence, we’re trusted advisors to Michael Gillis, a busy businessman who has been with us for fifteen years. Over the past decade and a half he’s come to count on the sound advice from Lawrence.

Cameron’s endorsement is enough for the board

“When we have a directors meeting and I need to explain why we are doing something, a simple “Cameron recommends” is usually sufficient to attain immediate approval."

Michael Gillis

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Our complimentary in-depth consultation is a risk-free way to check us out – after all you have to see for yourself we’re not your typical accountants. We’re real people with the expertise to help and we care about seeing you succeed.

We pride ourselves on being driven business people who happen to be good with numbers (and extremely well versed in tax law)!

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Who do we work with?

Busy business owners
Why? Because you want the freedom to pick-up the phone and call a trusted advisor.

Entrepreneurs expanding their empire
Why? Because you need a team with vision and clarity on your side.

Investors who are stepping up their game
Why? Because you’re striving for success and only work with the best.

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