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ABC Construction Wins Big Contract

About ABC Construction

Mike & Jason needed equipment finance to win a big contract

ABC Construction Directors and Founders Mike and Jason had won a large contract, but as they were just setting their business up they had no historical trading figures.

They needed funding to secure new equipment, a business loan, overdraft and bank guarantee for a new contract which was going to be very profitable, but only if they could secure funding.

Mike and Jason were existing customers of Lawrence and came to us to ask for help as they needed solutions and fast.

Business stage:
Business age:
7 months
Needs funding

Lawrence Group

How We Helped

Lawrence Finance Specialists prepared a full submission and approached hand selected lenders to gain expressions of interest, showing how the new contract would allow them to repay the debt in an accelerated time frame.

Financial forecasts were prepared in conjunction with the accountant and client to illustrate the profitability of the project.

After gaining interest from 3 banks we then negotiated with them all on rate, fees and terms. We managed to get an approval in place and settled the transactions as part of a full refinance package that included the bonus of getting their home loans at cheaper rates too!

ABC Construction got finance

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The Outcome

ABC Won the Contract!

With the finance solution they needed Mike and Jason were able to buy the equipment they needed to win the contract and get off to a profitable start in their new business.

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